Every modern game system from Nintendo has an iteration of the Super Smash Bros series, but old systems seem forgotten. Super Tilt Bro. is a homebrew for the NES porting the versus platformer style to our beloved system from the 1980's.

Let's go further and bring the new millennium to the NES. Integrating a Wi-Fi chip in the cartridge allows for online play.

Super Tilt Bro. is in development. The current alpha can be played on emulator. The game can also run on prototypes of the cartrige, not yet available to the public.


  • Intense 2 players versus fighting
  • Real time online gaming on the NES (thanks to a Wi-Fi chipset integrated in the cartridge)
  • Rollback netcode
  • Versus platformer (or Brawler) mechanics: damages in percents and losing by ring-out
  • Artificial intelligence for 1-player plays
  • Multiple stages to select from
  • Multiple playable characters


Super Tilt Bro. is a homebrew for the NES. As such, it is mainly developed in assembly language. Programming the NES in assembly is the most straightforward way to do it, a big part of the job is to speak directly with the hardware, there is no operating system to help and when it comes to performances assembly lets us use tricks not even documented by Nintendo.

The game engine was implemented from the ground up. It is made of a generic part, known as Nine-gine, and a part specific to Super Tilt Bro.

For the online part. The PCB in the cartridge integrates an ESP8266, and an FPGA to orchestrate communications between the NES and the Wi-Fi chipset. This is made by Broke Studio, and more details can be found on geeky forums. The netcode itself is a rollback netcode, you can learn everything about it on Super Tilt Bro.'s devlog

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